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Cherry (Chloe) x Lightspeed Kerryglen
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Cherry (Chloe) x Lightspeed Kerryglen

At the 23rd of march Lightspeed Kerryglen ISDS AT322464, BRDC 3117 mated my Cherry (Chloe) ISDS NL/327998, BORC 3619 reg.

Kerryglen (ISDS trial class3) is out from Wolfgang Lipczenkos great Darla and Serge´s van der Zweep famous Gary.

Darla is a very successfull little lady: 3rd at the Italian Open 2010, Austrian Champion 2011, 3rd. At the Swiss Open Trial, Continental Team Member 2010/11/12/13/15, World Trial Team Member 2011 und 2014

Serges van der Zweep´s Gary is one of the most successfull trial-dogs in the last couple of years and many of his outcomes are very great dog´s as well - and he have some hundred!

I think, most will know this very famous dog. ;-)


Cherry (Chloe) (ISDS trial class1) is out from Huug Haagoorts farmdog Kim, a daughter of McVicar´s Spot ( Int. Champ 2005 ) and Bess (1st in the Scottish National 2006) and a full-sister of Ian Brownlie´s Mo. Mo was 2nd at the Scott National Championship 2011 and 8. at the International in 2011.
2012 Mo won "a Man and his Dog"! In 2013 Mo won the International Championship.
Cherry´s father is Piet Heuvelman´s Mick – He won with one year the Dutch National Nursery 2006, won the winter-open 2009 was 3rd at the Dutch Open 2009, he was qualified for the World-Trial in 2011 and in 2012 he won the Dutch National.

This is Cherry´s third litter – both previous litter ´s where very successfull and with excellent health.
This litter will be FCI and ISDS registered.

For more information pls. send a private message.

The litter come down at the 23rd of may with seven (5/2) pups. Pls see the page "unsere N-Welpen"